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Are eyelash extensions safe?

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “are eyelash extensions safe?” The short answer is yes – if they are applied correctly. Eyelash extensions can be one of the most dramatic changes to the look of your makeup routine. Bringing out your eyes, drawing attention to the most important feature of your […]

Find the Perfect Hair for Your Face Shape

Finding the perfect haircut is about more than simply finding the best style – you have to find your best style. Even the most amazing cut won’t look right if it’s wrong for your face shape. The best hairstyles are those that work to accentuate the natural features of your face, highlighting your best qualities. […]

Keep Up with Beauty Trends: Longest, Fullest Lashes

While brows and highlighter may have been all of the talk of the last few years, lashes are quickly becoming the center of the cosmetic world. With as many options as there are today to get full and luscious lashes, there’s no reason not to embellish yours, drawing attention to your eyes and giving your […]

Choosing the best eyelashes

Looking for the best lashes in Boca Raton? Castelucci’s Hair & Lash Salon lash professionals will leave you with eyes to spark envy. Semi-permanent extensions are the best new trend to give you the fabulous, long lashes you crave, whether for a wedding, special occasion, or simply to look your best every day. Lash extensions […]

New Client Special: 20% Off Your First Appointment!

Wanting a new look? Call us today and receive 20% off your first visit. Offer extends to highlights, hairstyling, eye lash extensions, and all of our services. Contact us to schedule your appointment. Conveniently located in East Boca Raton off Federal Highway.   Fill out our simple form below, and we will contact you within […]

Eyelash Extensions: Frequently Asked Questions

What are eyelash extensions?   Lash extensions are a fabulous way to enhance your existing eyelashes to give them a fuller, longer look. Each synthetic lash is applied to an individual, natural lash, maintaining the existing shape of your eyelashes with an added boost of beauty.   What do eyelash extensions feel and look like […]