Are eyelash extensions safe?

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “are eyelash extensions safe?” The short answer is yes – if they are applied correctly.

Eyelash extensions can be one of the most dramatic changes to the look of your makeup routine. Bringing out your eyes, drawing attention to the most important feature of your face, and finishing off your look, eyelash extensions can look good on any occasion and more and more women aren’t going out without them.

While some people are afraid of damage to their eyes, this is highly unlikely. The most likely negative consequence of eyelash extensions are infection, or allergic reaction. The eyelid is an extremely sensitive area of the body, and can be prone to infection if dirt and bacteria gets trapped within the pores of the eyelid during application.

Allergic reactions can occur and are usually a result of the glue that is used during the adhesive process. Some glues may contain formaldehyde which is an allergen for some people. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, it is better to avoid any possible interactions and opt for formaldehyde-free adhesives and hypoallergenic lashes.

Infection can occur due to poor hygienic practices of the salon, or through self-application. If the person applying eyelashes is using equipment or their hands that have not been cleaned properly, this can lead to a painful infection of the eyelids.

To avoid negative outcomes, it is extremely important to take care when choosing your lash studio, and lash types. You should always avoid unlicensed salons, or salons that do not employ licensed lash technicians. Lash technicians have obtained a specialized license specifically for eyelash application that is separate from a regular cosmetology license, and not included in a nail technician certification.

Before choosing a lash studio, it is important to do research. Ensure that the technicians at the studio are taking care to use sanitary equipment, and practice good hygiene. This should be a standard for any reputable salon. Look at online reviews, ensure that there have been no complaints about the cleanliness practices of the lash salon before booking an appointment.

Talk to your stylist about what lash extension type is the best option for you. While there are many different looks that can be obtained with lash extensions, there are also options that may work better if you are prone to allergies.

The complications of lash extensions are few and far between, and when using a licensed, trusted salon, you can be assured that you can have fabulous lashes with no negative outcomes and very little maintenance.

Keep Up with Beauty Trends: Longest, Fullest Lashes

full set of lashes

While brows and highlighter may have been all of the talk of the last few years, lashes are quickly becoming the center of the cosmetic world. With as many options as there are today to get full and luscious lashes, there’s no reason not to embellish yours, drawing attention to your eyes and giving your look the perfect finish.

When it comes to eyelashes, the longer the better. Of course, not everyone is blessed with beautiful Bambi eyes and most of us need a little help. The easiest way to fill out your lashes is to use a high quality mascara. Bold mascara helps create dramatic lashes that accentuate the eyes, so pile it on.  

However, even an entire tube of mascara will not actually create fuller, longer lashes. So if you are like most of us, without naturally endowed gorgeously long, thick eyelashes, false eyelashes may be the way to go.

Falsies come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from dramatic, over the top full sets, or natural-looking ones that accentuate your own natural lashes. Depending on the look you want to go with, choose your lashes based on your own style.

As an example, Kate Middleton is rarely seen out of the house without a set of false lashes and some heavy mascara, yet she keeps her look simple, by not overdoing the eye makeup around it. This emphasizes her natural beauty and elegance.

On the other hand, Kim Kardashian tends to wear much longer extensions that widen her eyes and create a more dramatic look which is then emphasized with additional smoky eye shadow and well-defined thick brows.

Between these, there’s a whole range of lash looks that can complete whatever style you’re going for.

While there are many options for at-home lash applications, the best-looking, longest-lasting lashes are professionally applied. DIY lashes may work for a night out when it’s just for fun, but if you’re serious about keeping your eyelash game on point, consider having a professional eyelash technician apply longer lasting lashes that you do not have to worry about applying daily.

When it comes to professional lashes, there are many options. Some may be embellished with mascara, while others will stand up on their own, no mascara necessary. A lash professional can help you decide what lashes work best for your eye shape, face shape and intended style.

No matter what your look and style, long lashes are always an improvement.  


Choosing the best eyelashes

Looking for the best lashes in Boca Raton? Castelucci’s Hair & Lash Salon lash professionals will leave you with eyes to spark envy. Semi-permanent extensions are the best new trend to give you the fabulous, long lashes you crave, whether for a wedding, special occasion, or simply to look your best every day. Lash extensions blend seamlessly with your natural lashes to give the impression that you were simply born with gorgeous lashes, even without mascara. Professionally applied lash extensions last for 2-3 weeks and can be retouched every other week to maintain constant lovely lashes, or simply applied before a special occasion.


You may be wondering, “How do I know which lashes are right for me?”


At first, the options of lash extensions may be a little overwhelming. There are a lot to choose from! But at Castelucci’s Hair & Lash Salon in Boca Raton, our professional lash experts will provide a free consultation to determine the best fit for your eyes and personal style. Call Castelucci’s Hair & Lash Salon to set up an appointment. We are conveniently located in downtown Boca Raton and would love to sit down with you to determine the best lashes for your look!